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Switching on an enhancement implementation

Hello all,

I'm fairly new to SAP and I've encountered an issue when trying to implement an enhancement. So I have a function module called co_sd_transfer_tl_comp_pm, where I created an implementation ZCA_LGORT_IP10. When I try to set a breakpoint there, I get the message "Breakpoint not set because enhancement impl. ZCA_LGORT_IP10 is switched off", and when I run a debug, that section of the code is missing. I noticed the same happens in the 9-10 enhancements present in said FM, but hadn't encountered the issue when creating an enhancement elsewhere.

I saw a couple of people asking the same thing, but the solutions presented to them where unsuccessful for me. When I look at the enhancement in tx SE19, the "Switch" property is blank, as well as the "Switch position". Both are greyed out and I don't seem to be able to change them.

Any info on this matter would be great help.

Kind regards,

E Gulias

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