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Is ADT tested on MAC before publishig?

it is really interesting for me, is ADT (ABAP Development Tools) ever tested before publishing it.

I generally use MAC, OS X, and each update of Eclipse is another story, each time i see fantastic, bombastic and unpredictable very long descriptions of issues, when i do search generally i find not answered blog entries. or example if you select system from Project Explorer and if there is an network issu, wow it will spinn out on log in screen hour, and you have to do Force to Kill, becauese there is no functional Cancel.

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  • Shouldn't this be an actual OSS ticket to SAP, with some examples of those errors, screenshots, etc?

  • It's not only tested, but productively used by a lot of colleagues inside SAP.

    Which version of Eclipse and ADT do you use? Do you work with an on premise system or with SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment?

    I think I got the point regarding the issue/timeout in case of network problems. What are the exact issues you face during updates? Which error messages are shown (unfortunately the most interesting part is usually not visible by default in pop-up dialogue)?

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