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Apr 12, 2019 at 09:57 PM

Missing tab “Export history” in Marketing campaign


Hello everybody!

I have such a problem: in marketing campaigns, there’s a standard operation “Create export file”. As a result of this campaign, we should have opportunity to download this file using tab “Export history” in the operation “Create export file” (after clicking on this operation).export-file.png

According to our client’s need, we have to create new custom operation with custom parameters. For this purpose, we’ve created the class which inherited from the standard class “CL_CUAN_MKT_EXEC_EXPORT” and put custom parameters in it, also we’ve created Export definition. As a result, we don’t have a tab “Export history” for downloading this file. We have the ability to download it through SAP GUI, but our clients also want the option to download through WEB interface.export-2.png

What can be wrong? How can I view this tab? Probably I missed something in configuration

Thanks in advance!


export-file.png (29.9 kB)
export-2.png (46.7 kB)