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Can we install SAP FIORI FOR SAP S/4HANA component in a gateway system (7.5)

Hi Folks,

I would like to know whether we can install fiori frontend components specific to s/4 hana apps into the gateway system running on 7.5 version.

this is what the app library says

Prerequisite for installationSAP FIORI FOR SAP S/4HANA 1809 - SPS 01 (01/2019) FP
is an Add On to

We dont have this addon in our front end server and our backend server is an ERP on hana database.

Can this addon be installed in our gateway server.

Kindly provide your suggestions.


Best Regards


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3 Answers

  • Apr 12 at 07:16 AM

    if your backend has HANA DB 2.0 / S/4HANA, you can continue following the S/4 apps prerequisites. HDB2.0 is required in your backend and product version S/4HANA 1809 / 1709 based on your requirement. S/4 apps will work only with S4CORE component in your backend. S4CORE to be installed you can check the prerequisites of system or landscape eligibility

    Frontend server 4.0 and above is required for Fiori 2.0 look and feel. But this will not enable Fiori apps for s/4hana. You need to have main component s4core in backend and uiapf and uis4hop in frontend which is s/4hana component.



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    • Hi Tejas,

      thanks for the reply.

      we are running with Fiori 2.0 in the frontend. In backend, as of now, we have upgraded the database to Hana. Future plan is to go for s/4 hana. But for now, i want to get only the BSP applications specific to uiapf component. We have this component but its bit old. it has to be upgraded.

      I am not looking for the app to run with data. I just want the BSP application to be available in the gateway system.

      So to install the frontend component, is there any dependency ? I feel no, please clarify.

      i am bit confused with the prerequisite

      "Prerequisite for installation

      SAP FIORI FOR SAP S/4HANA 1809 - SPS 01 (01/2019) FP
      is an Add On to
      SAP FIORI FRONT-END SERVER 5.0 - SPS 01 (01/2019)"



  • Apr 12 at 03:14 PM


    Is your frontend server also your gateway server? I think this would be fairly typical, though not required. If so, this is the appropriate place to install the Fiori frontend components.

    However, as Tejas has said, the Fiori frontend components need to be compatible with your backend system. It sounds as though you are running Suite on HANA (EhP8?), not S/4HANA, so you should be choosing the version of Fiori that is compatible with that, and yes, be mindful of the minimum platform requirements. I would not choose to install this on your backend system on NW 7.5, as that will be restrictive of what you can do with it. Your frontend system is probably on a higher NW release, and you'll want to take advantage of that.

    We have a similar setup to yours, in that we have a Fiori frontend/gateway system talking to an EhP8 backend system (though not yet on HANA), although our setup is for HCM, not Finance (yet). For your reference, our frontend system has the following:

    • SAP Fiori for SAP HCM 2.0 SPS 05 (01/2019), which is an add-on to:
    • SAP Fiori Front-End Server 5.0 SPS 01 (01/2019), which is an add-on to:
    • NW AS ABAP 7.52 SPS 03 (10/2018)

    This is paired with our backend, which has:

    • SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0 SPS 13 (03/2019), which is an add-on to:
    • EhP8 for SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 10 (04/2018) / SAP ERP 2005 SPS 30 (01/2018), which is an add-on to:
    • SAP NetWeaver 7.5 SPS 11 (03/2018)

    I admit to not knowing much about UIAPF, but from what I can tell, it looks to me like this component only works with S/4HANA backends. Until you upgrade your backend, I'm not sure you can use this. As for the frontend requirement, it appears that it would be supported on lower releases of Fiori FES (Front-End Server); 5.0 is apparently not a hard requirement, though it is something you should consider. See Note 2255079 for details.


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    • Hi Matt,

      Appreciate your reply.

      My question is very simple.

      I am not looking for the app to work. I am interested only with the BSP application.

      If we upgrade our current component, we will get the BSP application.

      Best Regards,


  • Apr 16 at 03:20 PM

    if you don't have a proper backend, do you think there is any chance the frontend will work?

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