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FMOD T-CODE seems not work on payment (F-44)

Hi friends,

I'm facing a problem and I need your help. :D I have an invoice posted in 2018. When I try pay it through F-44, the system arises the SAP message FI 234 (Different FM Fiscal Years). I know that the correct behavior would be carry forward this invoice via FMJ2 t-code and then run again F-44 because invoice and payment must be in same fiscal year.

However, I know it's possible solve this problem using FMOD functionality. I tried use it to make some tests but it seems doesn't work. I left the invoice's FM Document in 2018, accessed FMOD t-code, Insert my username and 31.12.2018 posting date and tried to pay the invoice now in 2019, but the system keeps arising FI 234 (Different FM Fiscal Years). I read the SAPNOTE 2213060 (FI234 - Different FM Fiscal Years) that confirms my thoughts regarding FMOD, but I don't know why it's not working.

Below I'm posting the screenshots from the FMOD setup and SAP message in F-44.

Invoice in 2018

FMOD t-code Configuration

FI 234 SAP Message when I try to perform the payment via F-44

Does anyone know how can I make this problem be solved using FMOD, instead of carry forward the invoice to 2019? Am I making any mistake?

Thanks a lot!

capturar1.png (49.7 kB)
capturar2.png (18.6 kB)
capturar3.png (61.9 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 13, 2019 at 05:43 PM

    Hi Rodrigo, it's been lot of time since the question I hope you already have solved your issue, however in order to document it this is my answer as much as I know FMOD only works for commitments, for actuals the system uses posting date or due date based on the FM update profile.



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