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Mar 20, 2006 at 06:42 PM

Generate SAP Portal URL in ABAP


Hi all

I am faced with a task that involves fetching data from SAP E-Recruiting, and presenting it in an XML document which is indexed by a search engine. The data I extract from E-Recruiting, will be used to display a short listing of available positions in the company on an internal website.

I am able to extract the data, and present it in XML, but the following is a bit more difficult for me.

The challenge is this:

For each position I exctract from E-Recruiting, I need to find a way to generate a complete "portal style" URL. This URL will take users browsing the website, to the E-Recruiting job advertisement in the SAP portal. The SAP Portal will display the complete E-recruiting job advertisement, when the users click a "Read more" link in the short listing.

An example URL is this:


I need to do this in "regular" ABAP / ABAP OO programming, not BSP or something like that. Is there some function module that will do this for me? I collect all my information from the tables HRP51* (i.e. HRP5122).

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thomas K

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