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Apr 07, 2019 at 03:53 PM

Deconsolidation WT not created



My Inbound process involves Unloading, Deconsolidation & Putaway. We have designed POSC setup including these steps. Also, the following configurations were done -

- Deconsolidation attributes - Putaway WT and Decon. WT has been set up as 1, for final storage types.

- Specify Deconsolidation Work Centre: It has been mapped with Storage Type 9010 (GR staging area) and HUT Group.

- All the storage types are assigned with Consolidation Group. Bin Sorting has been done for all the Bins. Work Centre is defined.

- For process step IB01, I have kept Source Storage Type as blank but Source HUT Group as my pallet HUT Group (this is because deconsolidation scenario required only for a particular HUT Group)

I tested two cases :

Case 1 - In POSC setting, if I provide Deconsolidation Storage Type and Bin directly against IB01 (process type 3065), then during unloading, Destination Storage bin is getting determined as Deconsolidation Station. This is obvious behaviour (because of direct assignment of storage type at IB01) but the downside is that the system sends every pallet, whether mixed or not to Deconsolidation area. This is not acceptable. The pallet which contains products of different Storage type (having different activity area and consolidation group) should be sent to Deconsolidation area. non-mixed pallets should be sent to final putaway upon unloading.

Case 2 - In POSC setting, if I tick 'Rule Based' Indicator without assigning any Storage type/Bin for IB01 and IB02, during unloading the system is determining the process type as 3065 (based on POSC) and trying to search for Final Destination - failing thereby because the Final Storage type doesn't allow mixed stock of different product

Questions are :

1. How do I make the system sending mixed pallet (having product of different Activity Area) to Deconsolidation area and pallet having single product send Final Storage Bin?

2. What set up do I need to do in POSC (i.e. any value for Source Storage Type or HUT Group) for step IB01 or IB02?

3. How does 'Rule Based' determination work? does it search the Storage type search Sequence during unloading for destination bin determination or does it check if the Deconsolidation should take place or not?

P.S. - My unloading is always based on HU WT and not Product WT. I think this is because of the existance of Mixed Pallet. During unloading when I select the HU WT, from inbound delivery and try to hit 'Unload' button the log says Storage Process IB01 and process type 3065 is determined it then search for Storage Type using Storage type Search Sequence for final putaway and fails because mixed storage is not allowed, without considering whether a deconsolidation is required or not.

How can I resolve this matter? What extra settings should I check?

Please help.,