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Apr 04, 2019 at 07:24 PM

Amending a XSD to add in a new field. Based of an original JSON


Hi all

I have a interface which is json > idoc. I originally took the Json and converted it to xml, then converted that to xsd, put in the cardinality and it worked when i mapped it.1.png

Now i've got to add a new field, which i've highlighted in attachment 1 , i've tried to modify my xsd to include that new field but i get an error in sap : 'Unable to convert imported document to WSDL Reason: Element "element" is not permitted in the "/schema/element("createdDateTime")" elementCheck selected category'

Please can you advise where i've gone wrong in the creation of my xsd and show me how i can make use of that new line at the top of the file. it should have a min occurs "0" and max occurs "1" cardinatlity.

Picture 2 shows the structure of the original file that works. Picture 3 shows the xsd of picture 2. 3.png


I used to use altova xml spy but my license ran out so i've been using to convert but this time i cant seem to get it to work. Can you please see what might be up?



1.png (31.0 kB)
2.png (51.3 kB)
3.png (45.2 kB)