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Apr 02, 2019 at 04:19 PM

Trying to populate Salary in PA0008 from the SuccessFactors ONB Interface


Trying to populate Infotype 0008 salary (BETRG) from a custom BADI called by the SuccessFactors XI ONB interface.

I found an article suggesting populating the field BET01 along with LGA01 (Wage type) which I am trying but when the SuccessFactors hire process runs my salary data is not coming over.

In our system we have a program we've used before to increase salaries and I notice in that case our program populates the Q0008-BETRG(01) field and that works in our system. But I note that in the BADI I am limited to 4 characters for the infotype i.e. 0008.

I have my program set up in such a way as I can add additional field(s) to this infotype 0008 section of the program if anyone has any wage type/salary field name combinations they think I should try. I've tried BET01/LGA01, BETRG(01)/LGA(01), and others but I am willing to try anything someone thinks could work at this point as we are still in our Development system at this point.

Thank you