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Apr 02, 2019 at 02:22 AM

No certificate issue found on Android Devices - no real workaround



We have a mixture of corporate Android devices and BYOD Android devices and have an annoying popup when starting an application via SAP Fiori Client to Install certificates. This is the case when authenticating via SAP Cloud Identity Authentication services.

There are some OSS notes 2132513 and 2682934 on this topic however there is no real solution for this. We need an alternative way of building our application where this error does not occur.

We have applications going live and this popup is a major showstopper.

Screenshot of the issues being experienced.

Has anyone had this issue and fixed it with some sort of workaround? The BYOD devices are the challenge because we cannot load any certificates onto the person's phone.

Kind Regards

Phil Cooley


no-cert-found.png (190.7 kB)