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Mar 28, 2019 at 06:47 PM

How to put the result of 'Result of another query (Any)' in Invit

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I work with Bo 3.1.

In the universe (Designer), I have 4 dimensional objects:

1- 'Opening Date' = all store opening date

2- 'Min Opening Date' = the smallest store opening date according to a criterion x (result example 01/01/2019)

3- 'Closing date' = all the closing date of the store

4- 'Date Max Closing' = the latest date of closure of the store according to a criterion x ( result example 28/02/2019)

In the query at Webi level:

I pointed

A- the 'Open Date' on 'Open Min Date' (via the option 'Result of another query (Any)' )=> (object 1 = object 2)

B- the 'Closing Date' on 'Closing Max Date' (via the option 'Result of another query (Any)' )=> (object 3 = object 4)

Until then everything is working well.

The problem is that when running this query or updating the report, I want a prompt that displays by default:

- the value of the 'Min Opening Date' in the 'Opening Date' field


- the value of the 'Date Max Closing' in the field 'Date Closing'

i.e in this exemple =>

Opening Date =01/01/2019

Date Closing = 28/02/2019

how to do this please?