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Mar 30, 2019 at 03:05 AM

List Report to Object Page Navigating to Entities via Parameters

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Stuck with an issue, and could use some help!

I have a Fiori List Report / Object page app built using Fiori elements and local webide annotation modeler.

Have an XS odata service built using entity association defined via parameters based in this url -

Odata service is similar to the example

service {
   "sap.test::table" as "Tab" navigates ("avp" as "ViewNav");
   "sap.test::calcview" as "View" key ("theKeyColumns") parameters via key and entity;
   association via parameters "avp"
     principal "Tab"("paramValue") multiplicity "*"
     dependent "View"("parameter") multiplicity "*";

Tested Odata service in browser and it works like a charm, no issues !!

PROBLEM is not sure what local annotations should be used in webide to navigate and pass the parameter value from principal entity to dependent entity ( In other words - navigate to object page from the list report by passing parameter value to object page entity. I get this error message HELP !!!

P.S - I am able to use list report object page navigation with normal entity association ( without parameters) this problem is specific to Parameter passing.




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