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How to do TO Spliting in WM

Hi Guru's

Business want to split TO document with different SLED date without batch.

At the time of M.I.G.O, say quantity is 100
going to split it into 40 & 60 for same material..and putting different manufacture date.this is custom GRN screen after enter the date it will goes to approval process and document no generated,

Then i am going to create TO with there are two line item appear,after confirmation when i am going to check in LX02 it is showing only one line item .

My requirement is two line item with two different bin in LX02 please guide me how to config

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2 Answers

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    Feb 10, 2017 at 07:04 AM

    you have to do the receipt in 2 steps if you have no characteristic (batch number) that is keeping the stock apart in the interim storage type.

    Which means you do MIGO for 40 and continue with LT06 and putting it away into its final bin

    Thereafter you do MIGO for the remaining 60 .

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    • That is how the vendor sends the goods - no difference to other industries.

      And not really relevant to the way how you organize the materials in your system and how you have to perform a goods receipt to fulfill your own needs.

      In general, if you really care about shelf life, then you should use batch management, without batches you have to store material apart in different bins to not lose the shelf life information.

      Any posting of a receipt in MM results in a quant in the interim storage type 902 in your WM.

      The shelf life is not a technical split criteria for a quant in a dynamic bin (the usual way how quants are stored in a interim storage type). This would either be a different material document (if the dynamic bin gets its number from the material document - does not work if the dynamic bin is the PO number) or a batch number.

      Because of this fact you have to post the receipt in 2 partials as described above.

  • Feb 10, 2017 at 07:54 PM

    Another way to achieve the two lines, two different manufacture dates is to turn on batch management for the material. Then you can keep the quants separate in WM.

    Edit: Just realized that Jürgen said the same thing about batches. If you do have batches, then you can do your MIGO in a single shot and then do the LT06 in stages at a later time, you will still have the material separated by batch in WM.

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