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Mar 20, 2006 at 07:11 AM

Another question about CRM_ORDERADM_H_BADI


Hello everybody.

I have a little problem with BADI crm_orderadm_h_badi. In our company we have several types of complaints. Each complaint can have a specific follow up task (meaning complaint type A can only be follow by task type A and so on).

I wrote a code in the BADI that checks the transaction type of the task (during the creation of the task) against the transaction code of the predecessor (all the matched are detailed in a special customizing table I wrote). If there is no match - I raise an error msg. using function CRM_MESSAGE_COLLECT.

The problem is that I can not set the error as a popup message - it goes stright into the message table that is generated automatically.

If I don't use the function CRM_MESSAGE_COLLECT and use the RAISING option I get a general error in the message table.

Worse - I don't want the new task to be saved - and at the moment I can save the task even if the message is an "error" or "about" type.

Is there a way to stop the processing of the new task the moment I figure that the transaction types are wrong? Is there a way to make the error a popup message (only this error and not the other messages).