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Mar 27, 2019 at 07:06 PM

Sold to Party determination in IDOC (ORDERS Message type)


Hello All,

We are using standard Basic type - ORDERS05 and Message type - ORDERS for incoming order.

EDI Message Type: ORDERS

Basic IDOC type: ORDERS05

Our requirement is to determine the sold to party and ship to party on the basis on LIFNR number from EDPAR table.

However in the IDOC the sold to party is coming from the Control records (from PIPO) and ship to party is determine from LIFNR from EDPAR table. We are using standard message type and standard function module.

Lets know is there any standard way to determine both Sold to and Ship to from LIFNR (EDPAR entries) and not from the control records.

Thanks and Regards,


Thanks in advance.