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Mar 27, 2019 at 06:35 PM

Today function in Macro dependend on location


It looks like that the function "TODAY" in a macro return the result depending on the system time, however I would need the result, depending on the location, the macro is running. As for e.g. from a European point of view, Today is Monday afternoon, where "today" for a location in Japan is already the next day.

When I run a macro, I would like to determine the end of the stock transfer horizon, e.g. "Today + SHIPH" but if execute the macro for a location in europe or for a location in east Asia, the result is always the same. While actually on the Asian location the stock transfer horizon is already on the next day.

Is there a function like TODAY( ACT_LOCATION) available in the macro workbench or a solution in the community, besides writing a user function