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Mar 27, 2019 at 01:52 PM

Outline in ABAP for Eclipse



I find the signature of ABAP methods very helpful in SE80. I see on one view which parameters will be handled by the method and which type they have while I'm changing the code. In eclipse I always must navigate to the method declaration to see the parameters or use the auto completion. This slows down my way of working especialy when I add local variables with the same type (copy and paste).

I know that there is the outline that shows me all the methods of the class. Is there a way to add the method parameters with the type to the outline tree? So I would have a similar function in eclipse.

I also know that there is the possibility to use a split window for the source code to have the declaration on top, but for me this is not very handy because it takes to much space of my screen and I always must scroll two windows when I'm editing another method.

Best regards