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Mar 27, 2019 at 09:25 AM

Voiding and clearing a check in SAP for reissue


Hi SAP experts,

We have come issue:

We paid a vendor in 2017 via a check and they have not cashed the check. Since the check is over 90 days, we voided the check and were planning on reissuing the check to the Vendor. In SAP though, I cannot reset or reverse the clearing document to get the vendor account to show that we owe this payment (is this true?). AR items were cleared against this check, and I am wondering if this in prohibiting the normal process we would go through to reissue a check. Is there a way to reissue a check to a Vendor without going through the clearing and reversing process?

Please let me know the complete process for this.

Kindly help.


Kind Regards