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Mar 23, 2019 at 06:43 AM

Purchase requisition generated through mrp has decimal places, i need it to round off value..


I have scenario in which I require 1 raw component for 1000 FG material. Raw material is procured in NOS. so in material master i maintained base unit as KG and in purchasing view order unit as NOS. So in BOM for 1 NOS of FG material i maintained 1 KG of raw material. this solve my reservation problem for Goods Issue.

But when PR is generated for raw material through MRP for less than 1000 NOS of FG material (suppose 800 nos) it takes decimal places quantity as 0.888 NOS . I maintained rounding profile in MRP1 as 0.001=1. still PR does not take round off quantity.

My requirement is I need round of quantity in PR. e.g. for 1 to 1000 kg of raw i require PR quantity as 1 NOS. for 1001 kg to 2000 KG PR quantity should be 2 NOS.