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SAP Basis Component Naming convention

Hi Experts,

I am very much confused about the Naming convention used by sap for most of the Basis components.How can i become familiar with them as they are hard to remember.

For Example:

BC-CCM-PRN:for SAP Printing.
BC-CST-GW: RFC Gateway
SO as there may be 1000 of components which are required to lock an incident to sap.

So please help me out how many components are there and how to find the right component name and how can i remember them?

Thanks in advance.
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2 Answers

  • Mar 22 at 02:39 PM

    Sometimes the component hierarchy has an historical basis, based upon product or function names that have since changed, but in general it isn't really that hard to divine. In your own example:

    BC = Basis Component
    CCM = Computer Center Management (a somewhat deprecated term dating from mainframe days, but also the basis for CCMS, which is the old-fashioned system monitoring functionality)
    PRN = PRiNting
    CST = Client/Server Technology
    GW = GateWay

    In short, Csaba has pointed you to some useful blogs.


    On a side note, there's very little point to creating user tags with people's names. That doesn't serve to notify those people, and why would you want to restrict your answer to just a handful of people anyway? If you really want to create a notification to a particular Community user, use the "@-notify" function, i.e. put "@" followed by their username in your message. And "manjunath hanmanthgadthis user is an sap employee"? In general, it should be sufficient to use the appropriate primary and secondary tags, then refine with user tags to create additional searchable keywords to help others find the answer later when they have the same question.


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  • Mar 22 at 02:00 PM

    Hello Prashant,

    There is a lot of useful blog has been written about this topic with several useful tips and hints. It is worth a search. But i will link here a few of existing blogs:


    Hope this is helpful,

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