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Mar 20, 2019 at 09:12 AM

Using IDOC extension in SAP Master Data Governance MDG-C


Hi there,

on my MDG system I have created a replication model that is triggered on creation ofBusiness Partner / Customer in MDG.

It consists of MDG configuration:

  • Replication model for data model BP
  • Business System definition (for a 3rd party system) and logical system
  • Outbound implementation 986_5
  • Business object type 159 (customer)

On ALE side there is a distribution model and partner profile for DEBMAS Idoc type.

Until here it works fine. DEBMAS Idocs are created an send from the replication model.

Replication monitoring on MDG says: "Process Messages > IDoc 000000x with a data record was transferred"



How can I change the described configuration to trigger a custom IDOC extension type (say) ZDEBMAS?

I changed ALE distribution model and partner profile to ZDEBMAS. In connection with the MDG replication framework this seems to be not enough.

Symptom: The replication monitoring now says "No customer IDOC (DEBMAS) was sent, check Customizing settings"

Where is the missing link to tell the MDG to use ZDEBMAS?

I am aware that after that I have to fill the additional data to the custom segments. But first step would be to trigger the custom type, isn't it?

Best regards.