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Mar 19, 2006 at 06:24 AM

Separate volume groove for SAP WAS installation on AIX ??


Hi All,

Finally, I succeeded in installing WAS/Portal on AIX system, thanks to some great SDNers who

really helped me..

Now i am just patching up the system, but many times the system internal folder

<i>/usr</i> is getting full...And its very hard to assign some more space to this


As far as the inst guide says, the WAS installation directory is being created under the

system folder /usr , (which has a fixed amount of memory)...i mean the structure

<i>/usr/sap/<SAPSID></i>..And this folder has taken almost the full memory..

The system admin say, AIX never recomends to install anything directly under

<i>/usr</i>..The best way to instal any application is to create separate volume groove &

install there..We did the same for oracle installation..

So I just want to know, can we use a external repository (separate volume groove/separate

file system) for SAP installation, means can we create the structure /sap/<SAPSID>/ on an

external disk..

If we can,then how to install WAS on separate volume..

What are the configuration steps, so that the SAPinst will install automatically on that

voulme ??

Thanks a lot again,for all our help.