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Mar 22, 2019 at 07:04 AM

Balance Sheet in SAP Business One


Dear All,

Done period end closing for the year 2018 as we all know that in utility for the date we have two fields viz Document date and due date here I put date 31.12.18.

After period end closing on 1-1-19 posting date, 31.12.18 Doc. Date, Automatic JE (Origin) posts between "Period End Closing" and "Retained earnings".

So when a user runs the Balance Sheet report as on 31.12.18 (Date "Posting Date) all values coming properly.

When a user runs the Balance Sheet report as on 1.1.19 (Date "Posting Date) opening balance of "Retained earnings" not appearing rather a value appearing against the "Period End Closing" account.

If the user runs the Balance Sheet as on 31.12.18 and 1.1.18 (Date "Document Date") values come properly.

So want to know why Balance Sheet report behaves like this. What is the difference between the balance sheet according to the posting date and document date in SAP Business One?


Aarati Kollur