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Mar 21, 2019 at 11:05 PM

New Xerox Printer Issue...Printing to Tray 2


A customer or ours had a printer that had two printer trays. The way they supported our application was to create two printer definitions, one for tray one and the other for tray two which had perforated paper in it. This setup worked fine for YEARS.

The printer broke down and was replaced by a Xerox printer. Now the application which uses Crystal Reports is not working. We have NOT changed anything on our end, the application is the same.

A normal print job which was being sent to TRAY 2, printer definition 2, no longer prints on TRAY 2. It prints on printer definition 1, TRAY 1. To make things more complicated, another job that printed on TRAY 2 still prints on TRAY 2. The only difference between the two jobs is a graphic image.

We have sent this issue to Xerox as well but thought it prudent to submit to SAP as well. Any help is appreciated.

Please NOTE: The job is being SENT to the correct Printer Definition, TRAY 2, but is printing on TRAY 1.


Adityacapture-municourt-quickprint.jpg capture-municourt-quickprint-tray-options.jpg capture-municourt-quickprint-tray-print.jpg