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Different cost centres for inventory difference postings


Our client is doing inventory difference posting thru T code MI37 (batch input). It has four company codes with four plants for each company code. For all the materials for these four plants, the inventory difference posting goes to one cost centre only.

But now the requirement is to post to different cost centres depending on storage locations . How to achieve this ?

There is an SAP OSS note 13423 but I could not understand it much ?. Iam an MM consultant but not a CO consultant and has no CO consultant in the team.

Could someone explain by means of an example how to achieve the inventroy difference postings to different cost centres based on different storage locations (belonging to different plants/co code ) ? I mean the config or settings change in system ?

Any risks or issues by doing changes in system ?



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3 Answers

  • Mar 21 at 03:22 AM

    Hi Sonu,

    There is config in CO that can map inventory difference G/L account with plant & cost center.

    AFAIK no such thing that can map futher down to storage location level.

    Go for t-code OKB9. Hope this help.



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    • Hello Aulia,

      Thanks for the answer. Have you done it in your project ?

      Does it matter if the inventory amount differences for all materials belonging to various company codes are posted together or differences posted individually company code wise ?

      Does it also matter if valuation class is different for different materials since they belong to different company codes ? Can different valuation class for different company codes point to one inventory different GL account ?



  • Mar 21 at 10:00 AM

    Hi Sachin,

    If your client wants to post to different GL account per company code, you can achieve this via automatic account determination (OBYC) Please check these setting if they are at plant level you can assign different GL account per plant (Company code) with transaction key GBB, and account modifier INV, which are maintained at plant level and they are specific to valuation class.

    Maintain the same GL account for cost center determination in OKB9 per company code.

    System does post different document per company code but a single document per valuation class.

    One GL account can be maintained for inventory difference. if all are under the same chart of accounts.

    Cost center determination at storage level is not possible

    If this account assignment is implemented every posting to the particular inventory adjustment account will automatically receive the appropriate account assignment.

    Hope this would solve your issue.

    Thank you,


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    • Thanks Ravinder. Can't we do a Z development or some coding in user exit to determine cost centre based on storage location ?

      what challenges do you see in doing coding or using exits ?



  • Apr 05 at 08:43 AM

    Hi Sachin,

    You can ask your FI Consultant to default the cost center by FI Substitution.


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