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Adding new String values to MultiValue. (Web Dynpro NWDS 7.3)

Hello to everyone reading this topic.

I'm trying to add some Text values to record field which type is Lookup [Flat] using Java MDM API and than save changes. Data i'm working with: MdmValue[] array with String elements in it and Record[] array and i need to add all elements of MdmValue[] array to every record's Lookup [Flat] field of Record[] array.

I figured out that field in record which i need to update is a MultiValue with some LookupValue elements in it.

Tried a bunch of variants to solve my problem, but the main problem is type mismatch i get everytime.

Also still having no valuable progress in googling.

Help me please to finally find the solution.

Sorry if this problem is an old hat and many thanks for any help.

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