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Mar 26, 2019 at 07:05 AM

Master Recipe Standard Hours Auto Calculation


We are using Production Version, BOM (using tcode CS01) and Master Recipe(using tcode C201) standard for a product code. We are a pharmaceutical industry and so we are creating Process Order (using COR1).

When we generate Process Order (using COR1), system ask for Order Quantity then we enter Order quantity same as we maintained BOM and Recipe standard. Normally our standard batch size is fixed means for which quantity we maintain BOM and Recipe standard similarly we create Process Order for same batch size (order quantity).

But in some case we need to change order quantity at the time of process order creation. In this scenario, suppose a BOM and Recipe standard quantity is 100 units and we create process order for 50 units then system auto calculate BOM components quantities but the issue is that system is not auto calculating standard hours of Master Recipe.

I want to know how system will auto update standard hours of Recipe as it calculates BOM components depends on order quantity.

for example:

Standard BOM Batch Size is 100 unit and Standard component quantity is 10 unit

Standard Recipe Batch Size is 100 untis and Stanadard Activity hours is 10 HR.

IF WE GENERATE PROCESS ORDER and enter Order quantity 50 units.

then system calculates BOM component quantity is 5 units

But do not update Activity hour it remains same which is 10 HR.