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Issue with the SWITCH framework in FM MASTERIDOC_CREATE_DEBMAS

Hi Experts,

Issue I am currently facing is, an implicit enhancement's logic ( in FM MASTERIDOC_CREATE_DEBMAS ) is not getting called in the actual run of the process, neither I can create breakpoints in the code of implicit enhancement, it says " Position of a breakpoint cannot be determined".

I understand the issue is associated with the switch related to the enhancement implementation ( Switch name : /SAPHT/DRM_LOTMGMT ). State of the above discussed switch is OFF. We are trying to change the state to ON. However it is a standard switch, we would like to know the impact of changing the state to ON and the process for doing the same.

Process : Actual process involved is whenever transaction BD21 is called, the changes on the objects associated with our Z Message type should get sent through IDocs. This process in turn calls the FM MASTERIDOC_CREATE_DEBMAS in which we have the implicit enahncement associated with the switch /SAPHT/DRM_LOTMGMT. Logic in the implicit enhancement is, assigning the Extension name to the Idoc Header variable CIMPTYP, without this logic the Idoc structure cannot read the extension's structure. Kindly also note that the process was working fine for a while and we were not sure about the state of the switch by that time.

Any advice on proceeding with the issue is much appreciated!!

Many thanks :)

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Mar 25, 2019 at 03:22 PM

    Did you look in SFW5 for documentation on DRM Lot management - Development?

    NB: Look at 'Business Funcions' tab in Switch Framework Browser when displaying switch /SAPHT/DRM_LOTMGMT, then navigate to BF documentation.

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