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Mar 21, 2019 at 03:38 PM

EPMAddInDMAutomation Replacement for 64 bit Excel version

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Hi Everyone,

We have a template which uses the EPMAddInDMAutomation and we recently migrated AO 2.7 version.

The template is runnning fine in AO 2.5 version, however the package does not run with the latest version.

After more investigation I found the reason mentioned below from one of the blog linked here :

“when using the EPM Plug-in with the 64-bit version of Excel, there are certain class methods that are no longer working. Any method in the EPMAddInDMAutomation (note the DM) and the EPMAddInOOAutomation classes of the FPMXLClient library does not work. The only working methods are in the EPMAddInAutomation class. The issue was verified by SAP, but it’s unknown if a fix is being developed for those classes.

As this blog is from 2017, I was wondering, if there is a replacement of the EPMAddInDMAutomation package by SAP ?

We are using the package to store file in temp folder in local system, upload it to server and delete it.

We get the error, as "File not found", after we increase wait time in one of the part of VBA code, the code runs, we don't get error, but the package also does not run in the server.

Please let us know, if there is a fix to this problem.