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Mar 20, 2019 at 09:38 AM

TM purchasing organization vs MM purchasing organization


Hi everyone,

I'm working on setting up TM in an embedded S/4 1809 environment. However, I'm having trouble with the definition of the purchasing organizations in MM and TM and the effect on masterdata.

- Should the org structures always be aligned between MM and TM? In MM we have general 1 purchase org. (A001) and multiple company codes (C010/ C020) below it. In TM, I understand the rule is to have you purchase org. below the company code. So in TM I have, C010 with A010 and C020 with A020 although in reality there is only 1 purchase organization.

- I'm concerned about the impact on invoice integration in ERP. What are the consequences?

- On the carrier business partner, CRM010 role, you assign the purchasing organization. I assume this is the MM purchasing organization? Not the TM one? And further, if my carrier is defined within MM purchasing org (A001), will I have trouble creating for example a freight agreement with the carrier within a TM purchasing org (A010).

Thanks for your input, it is kindly appreciated!