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SAP Predictive Analytics Features from Trial License

Hi All,

I downloaded and installed SAP Predictive Analytics Desktop 3.2. Reading the installation documentation, it seems that a Trial License is already included in the installation, but inputting a License Key through the Help menu will unlock additional features. What are the features of the default installation and what are the features that will be unlocked when I input a License Key?

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  • It might be that the trial lacks the specific license required to use Excel files. Try to convert your Excel file to CSV and give it a go on the basis of the CSV file.



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2 Answers

  • Mar 20 at 09:06 AM

    Hello Reuel, you can open the Help / About / Component Licenses menu to check the active features for your trial. If you want to test all capabilities of the SAP Predictive Analytics suite, please go here: Also see the companion post here: This resource can also be useful to you: I hope this helps, kind regards, Antoine

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    • I see. Thanks for the links! Follow up question: for someone like me who has minimal knowledge in the practice of statistics, how hard would it be to get the basics down?

  • Mar 21 at 07:07 AM

    It's a big question :-). It depends on what you want to achieve really. I would suggest that you focus on SAP Predictive Analytics desktop (Automated Analytics) and start with simple techniques like time series forecasting or classification to get familiar. Cheers, Antoine

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    • Hi, I have an NFR File and I applied a license for SAP Predictive Analytics Modeler 3.0. It seems that was incorrect (I mean I think I wasn't supposed to do that, because the license was accepted) and now, I keep getting an error while trying to browse for the excel file that I plan on using to take for a spin. I re-installed and the problem persists. How do I fix this issue?

      The above appears upon clicking 'Browse' while trying to create a regression model.