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Plant Maintenance on SAP MII: how to proceed?


I'm writing this question because I need some guidance concerning some basic stuff about ECC (PM Module), MII, HANA and UI5.

I have started learning about these SAP technologies (I am an intern) because those were the technologies required of me to learn.

I am required to build an application that would allow some features of the PM Module of ECC to be accessible via the shopfloor using SAP MII and SAP UI5 (for the front end part of the application).

Example : The application would have an interface for the worker where he can create a notification if a machine stops working and when he does that, a notification will be automatically created in the ERP System (ECC in our case).

I've been reading about a lot of things and bombarded by different kinds of information and I have no idea where to start.

My primary question is : how to connect the front end application (SAPUI5) to ECC using SAP MII also? and what is the role of the HANA database in this?

For a start, and in my learning process, I thought about building an application that would display a list of the equipments... what is the best way to do that?

The idea is that using MII, even if the ECC system is down, the application would still work and when the ECC system is back, all the info would migrate there. and the idea is to build user-friendly interfaces for the workers.

I am sorry if what I'm asking for is confusing, I am confused myself.

Thank you for any enlightment you can provide me.

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2 Answers

  • Mar 26 at 01:29 PM

    That.... is an awful lot to give to an intern without any internal guidance/support or enough documentation to know what direction to go in. It is deceptively simple because while creating a notification is relatively simple there are quirks in the interfaces and also a lot of things are dependent on the specific implementing/configuration of SAP you are dealing with. Anyway my recommendation would be to start with the core of the requirement which is creating a notification from/with MII. Build a Transaction in MII that integrates with ECC via RFC/BAPIs that creates a notification. Hard code values or whatever is fine just get it working. Doing this will get you familiar with notifications, the interfaces, and also the input data you will need. Then just work outward from there implementing the rest of the features. In terms of MII do go thru the entire help documentation. It will not take very long and at least at a high level you will know what features are available as you work thru your requirements.

    Whatever you do don't stop moving forward :) Every little bit a knowledge or experience no matter how difficult it was to gain will benefit you as navigate life's endeavors. Geez that was a bit SAPpy for a SAP forum.

    Best of Luck,

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  • Mar 27 at 07:05 AM

    Hi Mariem,

    I have read some blogs to connect sap MII to UI5 and MII to ECC so you should be focusing on same. try to go step by step

    As i have understand from your scenario you will need three things in this

    1. try to create some basic application in UI5 while reading this blog. simple Application using Web-IDE
    2. Then you can try to connect MII to UI5 using this answer Connect MII to Web-IDE or you can also read this answer Sap Web IDE MII Connection
    3. And then we can easily connect MII to ECC using BAPI and RFC's as Christian stated.

    hope this helps.

    Ankit Gupta

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