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Queries related to MXI_LINK_AUDIT table

Dear Experts,

I have few queries related to MX_LINK_AUDIT table.

  1. Is my understanding correct? The assignment history information which is visible in UI is retrieved from MXI_LINK_AUDIT table?

  2. If yes, then which all operation values related entries alone are visible in UI? Is there any documentation or reference available regarding it? As for the same entry in table, there are four entries but in UI only two entries are visible. (operation values 1, 9 but not 6 & 7).

  3. Can we manually insert additional entries into this table as i see there is no dependency for this table. Usually it is refering data from mxi_link and mxp_audit tables but this table is not as reference/source to other tables?
  4. The reason why we want to manually make an entry to this table is, we have mutli level approval workflow set up for assignment requests and we would like to mention for which approval level it has been triggered & for which approvers. Also we would like to make an entry whenever any assignment has been failed.
  5. For Approval tasks, i can update the existing entry based on the Audit id which trigger the approval for operation 17 (eg query - update mxi_link_audit set reason = reason + 'Role Approval Task Triggered for approvers appr 1, appr2 etc.,'where mcauditid = 'auditid' and linkid = '' and operation = 17). As this value would be visible in UI, but whenever any assignment request is failed, if i try to update the reason for operation 7, it is not visible in UI. So i am thinking to add a new entry in the table with operation 43.

System Details:

SAP IDM Version - SAP IDM 8.0 SP04 or higher

Database - IBM DB2 or any other database

Look forward to hear from you.



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3 Answers

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    Posted on Apr 03, 2019 at 08:40 AM

    When contacted SAP, they mentioned, we can update/insert values into the mxi_link_audit table by creating a stored procedure calling it via pass or script, few consultants has done this in past. However this is a custom solution and not something that we officially support.

    There is already and inbuilt stored procedure available mxp_add_link_audit to add entry into the table.

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  • Posted on Mar 25, 2019 at 03:01 PM

    Hi Deva,

    1. Yes, you are correct.

    2. I believe most of them are. I'll have to find my notes on the topic, as I did this about 3/4 months ago for a client.

    3. Have you looked at this:

    4. Makes sense to me.

    5. IDM 7 stuff, but it might help:,

    Hope it helps! Matt

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    • Thank you for your response Matt.

      Please find my response below

      2. Can you help me by sharing the details, about the respective web service or which operation values alone would be visible in UI.

      3. uAddAuditInfo function is used to add information in mxp_audit table but not in the mxp_link_audit table

      5. Can i insert a new record in the mxi_link_audit table , would it cause any issues or is it dependent on any other tables.



  • Posted on Mar 26, 2019 at 12:45 PM

    Hi Deva,

    2 - As I recall I had to play around a bit. I'm still looking for those notes. I do recall we did it all internally via SQL and Javascript.

    3 - Sorry about that!

    5 - I can't reccomend that, and I'm sure SAP would not either. I'd go back to #2 and look for columns you might be able to update with your required data.

    As another potential workaround, you might want to set up an "OK" result task that captures some of this information, of course it would still need to look up from the audit table and then dump the data in a custom table.


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