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Mar 21, 2019 at 05:29 AM

ECC vs APO Pricing and Stock Levels



I have a question on how data is being pulled out of APO vs ECC regarding the standard pricing and the inventory levels. The standard is 4 g/L and in ECC we create 100 L at the potency of 5 g/ L. Hence we have 500 grams of desired product in the 100 L of materials. When APO is planning this it looks at it as a standard of 500 g / (4 g/L) hence yielding 125 L. In reality there are 100 L of product, not 125 L. How do we make sure that when it is being planned in APO that the cost being pulled in is the actual cost (100L * the cost) not the 125L *the cost.

Thank you..