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Mar 18, 2006 at 06:49 AM

File content conversion on both sides FCC_BOTH_SIDES



1. I am trying to read a fixed length file format and writing it to a fixed length file format.

2. Source and target field lengths are same

3. Source and target structure are same, element names may be different.

source Massage Type structure.


- Person (0 to Unbound)

-Name 1

-City 1

Target Massage Type structure.


- Employee (0 to Unbound)

-Name 1

-Location 1

4. Mapping is one to one mapping.(No node functions, no lookups.. etc. Only capitalizing 2 fields in the mapping.)

5. Sender File conversion Perms

Document = Person_MT

Records name =

Recordset Structure = Person,*

Person.fixedFieldLengths = 10,10

Person.fieldNames =Name,City

Person.endSeparator ='nl'

ignoreRecordsetName =true

6. Receiver File Conversion Perms

Recordset Structure = Employee

Employee.addHeaderLine = 0

Employee.endSeparator = 'nl'

Employee.fixedFieldLengths = 10,10

Problem: No matter what i change i am getting an empty file .

1. When i check the SXMB_MONI, I see the payload correctly in all steps.(Inbound message, receiver determination,interface determination,

receiver grouping,Message Branch according to receivers List). But in request message mapping >PayLoads >MainDocument i have a target message with out having any elements in it.

2. I went through all the file cc blogs on sdn.

Can any one help me, I really appriaciate it.