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Mar 19, 2019 at 04:28 PM

Gateway OData Service with XML payloads results in PCDATA invalid Char value error


Hello SAP Gateway Experts, Hi Andre Fischer,

our OData Client (Java using Olingo) requests the data from our SAP ERP Backend using our own OData Service that we've implemented in SAP Gateway. This service provides access to the customer master data including the addresses. Unfortunately the data isn't completely clean. I guess through a file import characters that are not valid in XML where imported. We currently see this error:

PCDATA invalid Char value 27

when opening the Service using Chrome. I'm also working in the SAP CRM area where the Desktop Conneciton Product (Integration of CRM Data into Outlook) uses also OData Services. There a similar issue was addressed with Note:

2628063 - Desktop Connection - Error caused by invalid characters

which was corrected with 2765248 and the still restricted released note 2769205. But wouldn't it be the best way that SAP Gateway would address this issue centrally so all OData Services could benefit from such a solution?

Best regards