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SAP Gateway O Data extract

I am looking at building an O Data Project in SEGW with a view to extracting Absence data from SAP ECC so that we can try passing that into an Azure Datafactory.

I have never used SEGW and I am learning as I go. Is it as simple in SEGW of connecting to DDIC structure PA2001. Or is it not advisable to link directly to a SAP Standard Transparent table?

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Mar 20, 2019 at 02:44 AM

    Hi Joel,

    There are many tutorials which can help you on this. Explaining here will be a lot of typing.

    To answer your question.

    Create a segw project.

    Create Entity type and Entity set

    Inside Entity -> you should define what fields you require from table (It's like creating a structure)

    Identify a primary key and save and generate the project.

    Once you generate - > You can see DPC and DPC_EXT classes generated. never touch DPC. gO with DPC_EXT and redefine your entityset. Say, ZENTITY_GET_ENTITYSET (Get entityset gets entire rows from your table.)

    Inside this method you can write your abap code and do a select to call your desired table.

    Once done, you can register the odata service in /IWFND/maint_Service.


    There is a shortcut to it. If you can identify a RFC(bapi) to get the data of PA2001 table. You can directly consume it and it will automatically generate code for you.



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  • Posted on Mar 20, 2019 at 03:29 PM

    Thank you for your reply. I know all of that I just want to know if I'm correct in Linking directly to table PA2001 via DDIC? All the blogs seem to refer to custom structures etc. Although I have now built a custom a structure and put in some code. I can see data. I just don't see the point when I could just use PA2001. Does it make any difference?

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