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Integration with external Resource Inventory - Asset Management


I'm from Telecommunications and more related with Resource Management solution but recently I faced some requirements about asset management and integration with SAP.

About SAP, I'm new - I know a few concepts - but in terms of possible integration I'm facing a lot of doubts - specially when I got used to Open APIs, REST, Webservices and so on (mix of concepts I know) - and when looking for SAP I see only IDOC, Java connectors,...

I have some documentation about interface based on Java + SAP remote function calls to EBANF.

In high level I have some ideas about how should work the integration but entering in details I don't have any idea how will work.

First - In my Resource inventory I have of course resources and warehouses. In initial phase don't have any assets (I have datamodel for that).

How can sync with SAP in order to create the asset in my Inventory. Somehow I need to push assets list from SAP then match with resources (when exist, based on Serial Number for example), when no resource put it in the warehouse (ideally should get just information from warehouse also)


When Planning in Resource Inventory - during process of new project - will be generated the Bill of Material. System/User will try to find assets in warehouse to fill the request, if not available should trigger a PO in SAP with the BoM.

Which information SAP needs from my Inventory (BoM is enough) and how to trigger PO in SAP?

Third - Finished process in SAP, it should create a list of materials. I guess in this point generates a IDOC. Or I can do a call to get the information?

Fourth - Sync between Catalogues - In SAP I assume there is a catalogue of items which can be purchased - with part number . and my resource catalogue also have the same. How can I sync - via interface, for example show differences - between the two catalogues? Here main idea would be do a GET of that and from my side compare and create a report

Fifth - Sync between Warehouses - Will be necessary also a sync between Warehouses - for example if some asset/item is moved to a different warehouse or was deleted - to update in both directions (from Resource Inventory Warehouse module to SAP and from SAP to Resource Inventory Warehouse module)

Looking forward your comments and help


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