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What is plant parameter and MRP group?

Hi All,

What is the difference between Plant parameter and MRP group?

And also what is the difference between NETCH AND NETPL ?

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2 Answers

  • Mar 15 at 12:47 PM

    Hi, Vijay

    The diference between Plant Parameter and MRP Group is:

    * Plant Parameter have basic setup for execute MRP plant level (numeric interval; planing horizon; supply need; etc..).

    * MRP Group is an organizational object with which it is control parameter may be a group of materials for the planning.

    The diference between NETCH and NETPL (processing key) is:

    * NETCH (net change planning) - Performs planning only for materials that have had some type of change relevant to MRP

    * NETPL (net change planning in the planning horizon) - Same as NETCH, but only the planning horizon.

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  • Mar 16 at 01:10 PM


    Material Requirements Planning

    The main function of material requirements planning is to guarantee material availability, that is, it is used to procure or produce the required quantities on time both for internal purposes and for sales and distribution. This process involves the monitoring of stocks and, in particular, the automatic creation of procurement proposals for purchasing and production.

    Plant parameter

    In this step, you can specify all plant parameters for the material requirements planning.

    In addition, you receive an overview of the maintenance statuses of the individual MRP parameters on the plant level. When specifying the plant parameters, you have the following options:

    • Creating the MRP parameters for a new plant
    • Deleting the MRP parameters for a plant
    • Maintaining individual MRP parameters
    • Copying the MRP parameters of a plant already maintained into a new plant

    In short plant parameter is the key for MRP planning at the plant level. In this step, you can maintain and control planning relevant configuration at each object level.

    MRP Area

    MRP area defines whether MRP is to be carried out with MRP areas. MRP areas for each plant in which you would like to carry out this type of materials requirements planning. The MRP area represents an organizational unit which carries out materials requirements planning independently. The results of the planning run are displayed specifically for each MRP area. An MRP area can include one or several storage locations of a plant or stock with a subcontractor. You can assign a material to various MRP areas.

    • Plant MRP Area
    • MRP Areas for Storage Locations
    • MRP Areas for Subcontractors

    Material requirements planning for each MRP area allows you to have specific control over the staging and procurement of important in-house production parts and purchased parts for each shop floor and assembly area.

    Net change planning (NETCH)

    n net change planning only those materials are planned for which the net change planning indicator in the planning file has been set as a planning file entry. The system usually sets the indicator automatically as soon as a change is made to the material that is relevant to MRP.

    The following changes cause an entry in the planning file to be made:

    • Changes to stock, if these change the stock/requirements situation of the material
    • Creation of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, planned orders, sales requirements, forecast requirements, dependent requirements or reservations
    • Changing to fields that are relevant to the planning run for these receipts and issues or in the material master
    • Deleting receipt or issue quantities

    Net change planning in the planning horizon (NETPL)

    You can also use a planning horizon to further limit the scope of the planning run. In "net change planning in the planning horizon", the system only plans materials that have undergone a change that is relevant to the planning run within the period which you defined as the planning horizon. The system sets the net change planning horizon indicator automatically for these materials.

    Best Regards,


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    • Hi,

      Thanks for your reply

      • Changes to stock, if these change the stock/requirements situation of the material

      where we change the stock, can you give screenshot or example?

      Net change planning in the planning horizon (NETPL)

      Where we set planning horizon in sap s4 hana.

      Kindly share the Menu Path and screen shot