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Former Member
Mar 17, 2006 at 08:55 PM

Delta by FiscPer for COPA


I have submitted questions lately regarding COPA and handling Realignment in R/3 and how it affects deltas that have been running in BW, essentially destroying the delta and a re-init has to take place. I have gotten great answers from everyone and this is the last question I need answered.

When realignment happens in R/3 you have to re-init the delta in BW. Re-init can take a lot of time. I've seen many customers that state their deltas have a selection by fiscper, for example.

My question is how to make this work and how it works exactly concerning COPA and realignment?

When a realignment happens don't you have to re-init from scratch (all of history)? How can you make this work with a selection by fiscper? By selecting fiscper as a selection in the infopackage, I assume when realignment happens you have to delete the delta by 'Scheduler -> Initialization options from source system'. This deletes the delta.

Sorry for the confusion. If someone could clarify that would be great.

Thanks, Mike