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Mar 19, 2019 at 07:31 AM

Reversal of ISU invoicing not captured for deferred revenue


We have used events FKK_DEFREV_0010, FKK_DEFREV_0030, FKK_SAMPLE_1140_EXAMPLE for posting deferred revenue. We need to defer both debit and credit for deferred revenue. We are able to do it for FICA posting, SD posting. We are also able to generate deferred revenue for ISU billing with origin key R4 but when we reverse the ISU billing which is with R9 origin key it is not captured for deferred revenue. We have already changed the event to include origin of the document.

ISU reversal is not going in to event FKK_DEFREV_0010 and directly comes to event FKK_DEFREV_0030 even we have put the logic for R9 in it.

Please suggest.