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Updating System Limitations

M_SYSTEM_LIMITS view provides the system capabilities. For example


, this setting is for Number of joined tables in an SQL statement or view and the default is 255.

Is there any way to change this default value? I tried adding this parameter in configuration section for Index server --> sql section but it does not work.

I am trying to limit the number of tables that can be used in any join across the hana system.

Any advice is appreciated.

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 12, 2017 at 09:20 AM

    The view provides information on limitations of the installed HANA software. These limits cannot be changed by parameters.

    Out of interest: what kind of data model requires more than 255 joins in a single statement? Is that a EAV/OTLT/MUCK design ( ?

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    • Thank you Lars. I am not trying to increase the joins and trying to limit it. I created a calculation view that joins around 30 tables and 800 columns for the UI/Lumira to build query dynamically. My intend is for UI/Lumira to limit the number of columns/tables they use in a single query using this calculation view. For any reason if they use all 800 columns and fire a query/create a table chart in lumira, it will bring down the system. Instead I want to limit this to for example at max of 50 columns and 10 tables in any query that runs on the application.

      Pl. advice