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Weird Problem < 01 lots>

Hello All,

I am trying to wrap my head around this issue but dont seem to get any closer,

Material has QM view activated, post to insp checked and no changes in MM04 since 1 year.

I have a PO and with multiple GRs (12+), system was not generating any lot till yesterday but in the same PO GR done today lots are getting generated.

PO is subcon PO and QM is activated for that, material master is OKAY all I can find is in PO stock type is "unrestricted"(delivery tab) which should be picked form mat master but is editable field (i found today) and in MIGO one doc has "unrestricted" in where tab and one has "QI" in where tab(this is one which has lot created) and these both are for same PO and same item.

the only possible reason I can think is user has manually changed stock type as "unrestricted" in PO? but then why some MIGO has "QI", has he again manually changed QI while doing MIGO?

Where can I find change docs for this? any table?

and what can be done now, for GR where lot was not created?

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3 Answers

  • Mar 15 at 01:06 PM

    I believe the stock type can also be changed to QI during the MIGO in some cases, not just in the PO itself.

    The other thing is to see if any dynamic modification rules have been assigned.

    The easiest thing to check if DMR is in use, (or ever has been), is to see if you have a quality record created. Look in QDL3 for a record for the material. It is also possible a record exists for the material/vendor combination or material/task list combination.


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  • Mar 18 at 01:32 AM

    Hello Akash

    It's really hard to tell for sure what happened. As already mentioned by yourself and Craig, the stock type may have been changed manually.

    You can manually create an inspection lot of type 01 in transaction QA01, in order to run the quality inspection in this case.



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  • Mar 19 at 04:30 AM

    Hello All,

    Reason for not creating lots earlier was that 01 inspection was not active and was activated from QA08 after which lots were generated.

    I am surprised that MM04 does not show changes done from QA08 and hence this whole confusion started.

    Also,If material has inspection type active then even if PO or MIGO has delivery in "unrestricted" still system will generated lot. At least this what I found in testing.

    Marking thread as resolved.

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