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Mar 15, 2019 at 04:05 PM

Webintelligence Report Help



Looking for some advice/help.

I have the following table in a report:

custID || product || info || custName

1235689 BMW X5 John W. Smith

The second report (after doing query on query) shows this:

custID || product || SellerID || PurchaseDate

1235689 BMW 089 02/15/2019

1235689 AUDI 076 01/03/2018

I need it to show only: 1235689 BMW 089 02/15/2019

Match the custID and if the product of table 2 = product of table 1 then display only that record.

I did this variable: = If([Query1].[product] = [Query2].[product]) In ([custID]) Then "Match" Else "No Match"

When I add this variable it shows match on both the records.

Any ideas on getting the result I want?

Do I need to do a subquery/combo query on query 2 maybe?


Chuck M