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SOAP Receiver Adapter for Multiple ICO


I need to develop scenarious where proxy messages need to be exchanged between the following flow

ECC->Decentral Advanced Adapter Engine->Central Advanced Adapter Engine->Target System.

For this, I have generated the proxy and sent to Decentral AE and planning to use soap receiver to forward it to Central AAE. Based on the above , I have the following questions

1. For SOAP Receiver, should i use XI or SOAP protocol.

2. If i have multiple proxy messages to be sent from ECC, do i need to develop two ICOS for each one of them,can I have a single ICO to receiver any proxy and forward it to relevant ICO based on some router

3. For SOAP Sender in Central AAE, should i again use XI protocol or SOAP.

4. I am trying all possible combinations, but still not able to get the payload into SOAP sender for Central AAE.

Appreciate if someone can shed some light or references.

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2 Answers

  • Mar 16 at 12:03 AM

    For your sender proxy you should you XI3.0 and receiver SOAP it will be standard SOAP with HTTP.



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  • Mar 19 at 11:45 AM


    May i know the reason why the message flow is required between two instances(DAE,CAE).

    However below is my suggestion for your flow,

    soap sender(xi3.0 as message protocol) to SOAP receiver (SOAP 1.1 as message protocol)---first ICO in DAE and make sure in target url route to second ico

    you can use soap sender (with soap1.1 message protocol) to Target Adapter---- Second ico

    as you said message not reaching to CAE just confirm below things

    1) Is Proxy trigger successful and message from first ico1 is success did call reached to second ico?

    Please share any screenshots if possible



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