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Mar 14, 2019 at 08:44 AM

dobe print form - Purchase order MEDRUCK copied Z form


Hello Team

I have coped the standard forma and assigned the Z form by replacing MEDRUCK form in S4 Hana system and driver program is standard SAPFM06P. I have below questions its BRF+ configuration.

1. I am getting the error No Data Provider for Form Template Z (form name)

2. How do I debug the driver program ? I have dried with dispatch time as 2 and tried to trigger via me9f and me9ff debugger is not stopping the program SAPFM06P.

3. as it is s4 system do we have NAST table entry created for this output , like ECC ? so that will try to debug via RSNAST00 report (this is also not happening. )

Please help me on this.