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Mar 13, 2019 at 05:34 PM

Fiori Elements Mass Edit


Is Multi/Mass Edit [1] available in Fiori Elements? Or is that a feature I would have to implement myself, using the sap.ui.comp.smartmultiedit control [2]?

Some context: Our users want to search for specific positions and then update certain attributes of the selected result rows.That sounds exactly like a use case for masse edit, as described in the design guidelines [3]: Mass edit would be a lot easier than the tedious selection of single positions and the following update in a separate object page.

Is there a way to enable the mass edit feature in Fiori Elements? I use a CDS-based BOPF approach on Netweaver 7.52 with UI5 1.62. On the Sub-Object Page I enabled multiselect and would expect an edit action button in the table toolbar toolbar. Any chance to activate that feature?