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SAC - Units for Account Dimension


Is it possible to load data that has different units into the same SAC key figure? In our example we have data residing in a BW system using the InfoObjects 0AMOUNT and 0UNIT.

The data would look like this:

12 ST
15 DS

How would this be modelled in SAC? A key figure can only be a currency or have exactly ONE unit. But we multiple units in our case for the same key figure.

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3 Answers

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    Mar 15 at 10:46 PM


    Maybe you could pull the 0UNIT into a dimension - and on that dimension maintain the conversion by an attribute of that dimension

    And use the TONUMBER formula in the accounts/measures (exception aggregation on lowest level)

    [QTY]/TONUMBER([d/Base Unit-DISPLAY_KEY].[p/KG] )

    If you need the unit in a context of eg material - you can make the unit as a property of material or use the

    in the modelling phase

    if you would like to have it more automated - you could bring in the table that stores the conversion and use the combine functionality (on multiple dimensions in 2019.06) and then calculate across the two combined data sources



    zvg0p.png (17.9 kB)
    rx4ld.png (28.6 kB)
    cv4lp.png (4.1 kB)
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  • Mar 13 at 10:38 PM

    Hi Fabian,

    As far as I know you can do for Currency only for Import Data Connection models. But I don't think SAC data modeling support units.

    For Currency:

    Models Introduction to Modeler - Currency

    Models > Dimension Preferences - Enable Currency - so you can enable one dimension as Currency

    Models > Model Preferences - Currency Setup - Currency Dimension - Instead of default currency you can use the Currency dimension above.


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  • Mar 14 at 12:47 PM

    Hi Tuncay,

    in this specific case it would be a data import and this question is aming specifically at units and not currencies. As we can have different units like pieces or boxes associated with a key figure. I haven't found a way to model this so far.

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