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Mar 12, 2019 at 04:02 PM

Developing IoT Applications using Freestyle template


We are developing an IoT application using IoT AE Freestyle template. The application functionality cannot be achieved using IoT controls. As a result, we are using standard sap.m UI5 controls.

1. Is it recommended to use sap.m/sap.ui UI5 controls IoT Freestyle applications?

2. We are in fact not using any IoT controls. Do you suggest that we still use IoT freestyle template as we are using IoT AE platform?

3. How can we bind a complicated Odata (for example, /Things('4BEF7A69F23346BA895EF64458FB1476')/xxxxx.xxxxx.zpackage:zthingtype/ ReferenceProperties/'Humidity,Humidity&EquipmentId,EquipmentId) in the IoT Layout Editor.

4. Can we consume multiple property sets from a single Thing Type for a particular time range?

5. Can you give us some clarity on Event List control?