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Mar 12, 2019 at 10:19 AM

CDPOS Tabkey Separation for INT1, INT2, INT4


Hi Experts,

I have a table with field types INT1,INT2 and INT4. I have marked all these fields as keys. Also I have enabled my table for Delta Change tracking. So whenever I am inserting or updating a record gets created in CDPOS with a corresponding tabkey. But when I was parsing that tabkey in my program, I noticed tabkey contains a extra space for all these datatypes.

E.g. I created an entry INT1: 123 , INT2 : 12345, INT4: 1234567890 . So expected tabkey should be 123123451234567890 rather it is ' 123 12345 1234567890'. Since length to be used for parsing I am getting from datatype length, parsing is failing.

It is happening for these datatypes only. Please help me with your expertise.